About us

We provide the expertise of the former civil servants behind the reforms that propelled the Baltic States to the forefront of good governance

The Advisory Panel

We are convinced that three minds work better than one; hence we are today as committed as ever to the CPM tradition of taking decisions collectively. The Advisory Panel steers CPM’s strategy and has the final say in all management decisions.


Administration and Finance

We at CPM believe that a well-functioning administrative and finance structure is the backbone of every company, and it is especially vital when working with the public sector. To ensure the full satisfaction of our clients over the years, we have developed the structure and procedures to guarantee that our services are always well managed and delivered swiftly.

Darta Indriksone

Head of Administration and Finance

Project Management

Our projects are our product. This is why we put such a strong focus on project management. We have not only shown that we know how to optimally manage former high level public servants in the field as experts, but have also built in-house capacities in understanding the methodological and bureaucratic demands of the EU, WB, UNDP and other clients over the years. This management competence guarantees always the highest value for money to the institutions we are serving.

Rron Dalladaku

Head of Project Management


In a business dominated by “body shop” companies with no inhouse knowledge on the subject, CPM works constantly on honouring its founding principle of serving our clients through sharing our own successful public sector experience. For this reason, we support not only proposal writing with an internal content team, but also dedicate backstoppers for each project that review each output.

Dr. Christian Seidel

Head of Content | Compliance

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