Reduction of Administrative Barriers




2009 – 2013


Government of Latvia, EU Social Funds


EUR 2 840 000

Reduction of Administrative Barriers and Quality Improvement of Public Services

Overall objective of this project is to develop a country-wide public services delivery model involving central and local authorities based on unified One stop shop client service centres. The project involves development of overall concept, designing of implementation, piloting it and preparing a road map for full roll out. The project assists the Government of Latvia with design and implementation of a new delivery mode for administrative services based on one-stop-shop principle. This covers both – central and regional / local governments and builds on existing service delivery innovation initiatives and plans. The project involves several key stages. First, the overall concept is developed based on the current state of play and overall PAR approach in the country. This is followed by more detailed assessment of all administrative services delivered in the country together with evaluation of the their potential continuation, rationalization, transfer or abolishment; Five services out of all assessed services will be re-engineered and piloted, their efficiency and costs/ benefits will be measured. Series of training activities to regional / local governments will be carried out at the final stage of project. Roadmap for full roll out will be designed and transferred to the Government for further implementation.