TNA and Strategy for Training of Civil Sevants




2010 – 2011


Government of Kosovo


EUR 133 000

Drafting the Methodology for training needs analysis (TNA) and research and drafting the training strategy for civil servants

CPM won a contract in Autumn 2010 from the Ministry of Public Administration to elaborate the Methodology for Training Needs Assessment in the civil service as well as the Training Strategy for the civil service 2011- 2013. The staffs at DCSA and HR units in the institutions were trained, a training curricula was prepared and a selected pool of trainers was trained for the methodology. In parallel the team of experts, in close collaboration with DCSA and KIPA run the TNA for the institutions and elaborated the Training Strategy for the civil service in Kosovo 2011-2013. This strategy will stay at the bases for the development of the Annual Training Plans for KIPA and will foster the professionalism of the civil servants in Kosovo civil service.