Central PAR project




2006 – 2014


Multi Donor Trust Fund


EUR 1 300 240


Overall objective of the project was to support the Government of Moldova in design and implementation of the Central Public Administration Reform (CPAR). Over the course of several years, the project supported several key elements of the CPAR process in Moldova. Main components of the project included: Preparing and rolling out public services modernization agenda. This covered institutional and functional review of service delivery arrangements across all ministries as well as in selected local governments; Reviewing Central Public Administration reform implementation and supporting elaboration of Public Administration Reform Strategy. This component included institutional review of public administration reform management at the central level; Undertaking review of Moldova’s Public Service Training System and preparing future Training Strategy. This component covered in-depth functional review of the Academy of Public Administration as well as of the training system in general; Supporting management of the Central Public Administration Reform. Services under this part of the project comprised advice to strategic planning and operational management of the PAR process including support to preparation of Institutional Development Plans of institutions; Supporting reform of Civil Service grading system. Services under this part of the project comprised review of existing Civil Service HR regulations and elaboration of a new classification and grading system.