TEDxYerevan Salon Event „Anatomy of Change“ held with four young experts of the “Yes Armenia” programme

Four “Yes Armenia” experts provided their insights with respect to attracting young talents into public administration and bringing women into politics and leadership positions in the TEDxYerevan Salon event „Anatomy of Change“ held on February 1, 2019.

February 2, 2019

Anna Nersesyants spoke about women as "firefighters" in politics, drawing attention to the alarmingly low level of women’s engagement in the public administration and decision making at all levels. Meline Harutyunyan’s talk about the topic “Higher education: from domik-era to 21st century” addressed a model based on Key Performance Indicators and Performance-based Agreements to improve the higher education in Armenia. Under the title “Good statistics is a public good”, Lusine Sargsyan discussed the impact of statistics on the public and country in general and the responsibility to provide accurate data, but also to implement proper quality control at state level, while Biayna Amirjanyan shared her insights on the importance of teachers for the education system and life in general and the government’s responsibility to provide an adequate support system for them in “The key ingredient to our success is our teachers”.