Kosovo Government adopts the ERP 2016-2018

January 29, 2016

The Government of Kosovo has approved today the Economic Reform Program (ERP) for 2016-18. DADA6 has supported elaboration of the structural reform agenda within the ERP. The ERP is fully in line with the NDS “priorities of priorities” but narrower in scope, as it describes those structural reforms that have been identified by Kosovo and EU in a joint dialogue on economic policy. The aim of the ERP 2016-2018, is to serve Kosovo’s line ministries to harmonize all sectoral policies as part of the overarching NDS. While NDS sets our Kosovo’s key development objectives, ERP focuses on the fiscal consolidation following the 2014 public sector deficit and slow economic growth in 2015, as well as on structural reforms aiming at increasing Kosovo’s export competitiveness, and elimination of the identified obstacles slowing down economic growth.