DADA6 to support Albania’s Ministry of European Integration

December 19, 2015

DADA6 will assist Albania, namely its Ministry of European Integration as the overall coordinator of Community Assistance Programs in Albania, in strengthening the capacity of country’s administrative bodies and other line-ministries to achieve improved levels of Albania’s participation in the European Union (EU) programs. Following the initial set-up of the project, including mobilization of technical assistance team and establishment of the Project Steering Committee, DADA6 and its consortium partners have recently begun to produce the first results which will serve as a solid basis for the work in the months ahead. As in any such endeavor involving multiple stakeholders, a sound foundation is key for ensuring a successful implementation of activities and achievement of the intended results, always with our beneficiaries in mind. To do that, the project team has been working in identifying Albania’s needs and priorities in the context of its participation in the EU programs. Having identified the two, the next step was assessment of the country’s absorption capacity in relation to EU programs. The acquired information will serve both, the project team and its counterparts and beneficiaries, to draft a detailed Action Plan, which will further streamline and harmonize participation of Albania’s administrative bodies and line-ministries in Union Programs. Throughout the project cycle, DADA6 and its consortium partners will strive for a sustainable solution by building the capacities of our beneficiaries, while at the same time ensuring transfer of know-how, ongoing dialogue and collaboration, use of international best practices, and building up on previous successful initiatives.