DADA6 provides a functional and institutional analysis

April 8, 2016

In partnership with the Romanian Center for European Policies, DADA6 carried out a comprehensive functional and institutional analysis of the Secretariat of the Parliament of Moldova. The project started in November 2015, and has been concluded today. We are pleased to have provided our expertise in a comprehensive and inclusive manner, ensuring that the ideas and concerns of all relevant stakeholders are heard and noted. As part of this process, the final report was subject to extensive and informed discussions and deliberations with the leadership of the Parliament of Moldova, including the parliament’s Speaker, Deputy Speaker, and Secretary General. The report was officially presented to the Permanent Bureau of the Parliament of Moldova on April 6, which has subsequently mandated the Secretariat of the Parliament to prepare an implementation plan, including all the recommendations contained in the submitted report, as part of the overall institutional strategic planning process. The implementation plan is expected to be devised and put in place within the next four months.