DADA6 assists Kosovo in preparing the SPP

December 9, 2015

DADA6 supported the launching of the National Investment Committee and preparation and approval of the Single Project Pipeline (SPP) of investment projects in Kosovo covering the environment, energy, and transport sectors. Planning in the social sector is currently on the way. During 2014, under the initiative of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, the Western Balkans leaders gathered in Berlin to reach an agreement on key Western Balkans regional infrastructure investment priorities, or as it is commonly known, the ‘Connectivity Agenda’. As part of this agenda (which is also known as the Berlin process), the EU allocated EUR 1 billion for financing infrastructure investments in the region. On June 3, 2015, Jean-Eric Paquet, the Director for the Western Balkans at the European Commission, said: “The establishment of a National Investment Committee and the definition of a prioritized Single Project Pipeline are key requirements to be met in order to secure the project co-financing by the European Commission through the Western Balkans Investment Framework in 2015 as well as in subsequent programming periods.” The Kosovo Environmental Strategy 2011-2015 that is currently in force, aims to harmonize Kosovo’s environmental legislation with the EU acquis. In this regard, our work on the SPP included also contribution to identification, prioritization and final selection of infrastructure projects in Kosovo’s environment sector, aiming to create conditions for faster convergence with the EU acquis. The identified projects cover all key sub-sectors of the environment sector, including air pollution, waste management, water management, climate change, and nature protection. The overall value of prepared projects is EUR 524,8 million.