CPM to provide TA to Prime Minister’s Office

February 15, 2014

Starting this month and for the next two years, CPM Consulting will be supporting the Office for Strategic Planning (OSP) of the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) of Kosovo, through the project “Support to Kosovo’s Policy and Strategic Planning.” We will provide its support which will aim to improve the quality of public policies and to contribute to effective decision-making across governmental bodies. Such an undertaking will ensure that Kosovo’s overall development agenda is integrated within the European integration agenda, as are the resources made available by the Kosovo’s budget and its development partners. Building the capacities of key public administration institutions in charge of coordination and leadership will be given special priority throughout the project. In consortium with Sustainable Strategy and Development (SSD) Consulting, EuroPartners Development Group, WYG International, and Public Administration International experts, CPM Consulting will support Kosovo in devising its National Development Strategy (NDS), the first strategy of that scope and depth to ever be prepared in Kosovo. This comprehensive strategy is expected to provide a clearer sense of priorities and direction for planning various sector level strategies, Medium-term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) and annual budget, as well as annual work plans of line ministries. Moreover, our support will also include establishment of an Integrated Planning System (IPS), a mechanism which will enable the government to eliminate the practice of uncoordinated multiple planning and reporting frameworks, each operating under different time frames, methodologies, mix of priorities and reporting requirements. The IPS will introduce a unified planning platform which will enable the OPM to provide coherent strategic direction, and ultimately improve the overall government performance. Besides the Office for Strategic Planning (OSP) within the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), main beneficiaries of the project will include the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of European Integration, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Economic Development, as well as several other line ministries and agencies, and bodies which report to the Kosovo Parliament.