CPM to implement the project “Gender Budgeting in Ukraine”

November 1, 2013

As of this months, CPM Consulting, in consortium with Niras and Indevelop, will implement the Gender Budgeting in Ukraine (GRB), a project funded by the Swedish Development Agency (SIDA). Through this project, we hope to encourage selected line ministries and Ministry of Finance to introduce GRB in the budget process at the state and regional (oblast) level. In order to achieve these objectives, we will ensure that the capacities of the above-mentioned stakeholders, as well as city and regional administrations are enhanced, in order to understand the benefits stemming from the introduction of GRB at all levels of government. We are honored to be part of this project which aims to introduce gender responsive budgeting (GRB), taking into account the different need of women and men, ultimately contributing to the reform of public finance management in Ukraine. We look forward to working with all the interested parties in the upcoming five years!