Armenia’s EU joint programming on course

April 15, 2016

Since its launch late last year, the project aimed to support Armenia’s strategic development orientations has begun to pick up steam as we entered 2016. Having identified and reviewed key sectors relevant for the European Union (EU) support and Armenia’s Development Strategy (ADS), DADA6 has recently began providing hands-on assistance to the EU Delegation in Armenia in the joint programming and preparation of the Single Support Framework (SSF) for the period 2017-2020. Throughout the duration of the project, DADA6 will cover a broad array of sectors relevant for EU support. However, based on thorough analysis and in close consultation with key relevant actors, in relation to the form of EU’s involvement in Armenia, priority will be given to determining the areas and sectors, as well as projects and programs, in which EU’s financing actions can best be put to use in a way that would further country’s ability to achieve its strategic development objectives. As part of this process, priority setting related to different geographical contexts is already in full cycle. DADA6 has been providing its support in identifying these priorities in the framework of the European Development Fund (EDF), European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI), and Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI). Employing a comprehensive approach where no relevant information is left aside, we will also take into account the Single Support Framework (SSF) for Armenia 2014-2017, Armenia’s Development Strategy (ADS), Europe 2020 Strategy, as well as experiences of other countries, with a particular emphasis on the Instrument for Pre-Accession (IPA) II countries, and EU-promoted regional initiatives such as the Economic Reform Programs (ERPs) in the Western Balkans and Turkey.