A new Young Experts Scheme – YES Armenia programme

“A new Young Experts Scheme – YES Armenia programme – will be soon launched in Armenia to attract highly qualified and enthusiastic young Armenians, living in Armenia as well as in diaspora, to work in and for ministries, government agencies, and other government institutions, bringing new dynamics and energy into civil service and contributing to its modernisation. The Programme is funded by the EU and implemented by the Centre for Strategic Initiatives (CSI), with the technical support from the EU-funded “Development and Strategic Studies” project. YES Armenia is a programme which offers a unique opportunity for young professionals to contribute to the reform agenda of the Government and to EU-Armenia Partnership Priorities. The multi-stakeholder Selection Committee will select around 20 young Armenian citizens and/or Armenians from Diaspora, between the age of 25 and 35 to work on specific Government priority related projects for the period of 12 months. The list of projects is diverse, including topics such as support to establishing new governance model for public schools, development of tourism products, development and operationalisation of National Digital Transformation Agenda, and establishing public private partnership (PPP) system in Armenia. “

October 19, 2017