Needs Assessment of ANSA




2013 – 2014


World Bank


EUR 183 271


    Overall objective of the project is to:
  • Identify gaps/ non-conformities (to EU) in the national food safety legislation – both horizontal and vertical legislation - that hold back the access of Moldovan fresh products on the EU market.
  • Identify gaps and constraints in food safety regulations (for selected sectors) that lead to increased administrative burden and excessive compliance costs for the private sector, thus undermining its market competitiveness.
  • Assess existing institutional issues and deficiencies in ensuring efficient regulation and control over the safety of the food chain.
  • Conduct an ICT assessment of ANSA’s business processes and workflows and prepare the background for switching to an IT-based Food Safety Information Management System – e-ANSA.
  • Assemble a set of measures for the three areas to be undertaken by ANSA to close the identified critical gaps and thus set the stage for a modern domestic food safety control system conducive to agri-food export growth.
  • Consider and develop the concept of one-stop shop for issuing all export-related documentation for the targeted products (to be based on advanced ICT systems)